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Hi there, My name is Ludivico Estrada and I’m a photographer and a graphic designer. I have been passionate in being creative since I have been experienced with drawing. I consider myself as an ambitious and curious person and tend to explore more with what’s going on around me in my thoughts.

I have mastered experience with photography especially working with RAW and JPEG files and I have also done events photography for 3+ years. I love to go around events where they have collaboration going on i.e. social events and art galleries. Photography is certainly my strongest point I have ever experience. Most of all I love working with Adobe Photoshop CC.

My graphic design experience is my secondary skill set. I have practiced graphic design throughout my college years in San Diego State University especially in creative design. I have worked on designs with Poster Ads, Postcards, Business Cards, Logo Branding, Flyers and Brochures in my recent years.

In terms of my recent experience, I’m proficient with Adobe CC i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign as well as some experience in social media especially Facebook. Other skills I  possess are Storyboard Artist, Video Editing, Illustration and Advertising.

If you like to see my projects based on what I have done, checkout my links below

Graphic Design


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